“I don’t write many reviews, and excellent customer service is hard to find.  That said, I just recently purchased a second generation, sw motech crashbar compatible, JNS bash/skid plate for my ’08 KLR. I was in a bind, unable to find a skid plate compatible with these newly designed crash bars in time for an upcoming trip, when I contacted John, with JNS engineering.  On short notice (I was leaving for my trip to the Taylor Park area of Colorado in about a week), John went above and beyond what, in my opinion, would normally be considered excellent customer service.  John stayed in regular communication with me through e-mail, keeping me updated on the progress of his prototype skid plate, sending me pictures, updating me on the test fit to another KLR that had the same crash bars, and ultimately got the skid plate to me with plenty of time left for me to get it mounted up and ready to go for my trip…

p.s. The skidplate took some hard hits during my 4-day excursion and, no joke, looks practically new upon my return. (see the green KLR in John’s pictures of his skid plates to see it mounted up on my bike) JNS has earned my respect and I’m proud to have a JNS engineered product on my bike! “

Bob H.


“THANKS AGAIN for making a very nice product and including good hardware. All the best,”
Les B.


“Anyone looking for a skid plate ought to check out JNS.  In my opinion it is the best engineered skid plate available.”
Glenn M.


“Thanks for getting me my new rack for my 2008 KLR in record time! It works great! Thanks again for your great products!”
Shawn J.


“I received the package Thursday the 25th. The skid plate fit perfectly on my 2013 KLR. Great product!  Thanks!”
Pascal P.


“Very glad JNS came up with the 1987-2007 KLR650 Radiator Guard and I highly recommend it.  Good part, good company, you can’t go wrong.”
Tom B.


“I recently upgraded to a JNS Engineering Skid Plate. The JNS plate was my choice because it is specifically designed to fit my 2011 with SW Motech crash bars. I ordered online and the box came with everything needed; the plate, instructions, new stainless steel mounting hardware, even a tube of blue Permatex.

Right out of the box I was happy. The JNS plate is obviously a heavy duty, quality, part. The black power coating was also a plus for me. This plate is slightly taller and longer than the stock skid plate and will protect a larger area of your engine. The JNS bolted up easily and as advertised, fit perfectly with the SW Motech bars. Having this plate protecting the bottom of my KLR, gave me immediate peace of mind and something else I had not counted on.

While standing back admiring the bike and new skid plate, I was holding the old, plastic, plate and wondering if anyone on eBay would want it. Just then my wife walked by and paused to look at the bike. She said, “The new one makes it look a lot tougher.” I asked, “Do you really think so?” She gave the bike a second look and replied, “Definitely.”

I tossed the plastic skid plate into the garbage can.”
Larry M.
North Dakota


“I received the JNS Engineering and I installed it on my 2012 KLR650. I have nothing but great things to say about it! I have been so busy riding out in the dry washes and rocky sandy service “roads” and I don’t worry or cringe when I hear the occasional rock hit the underside of the skid plate.

Do yourself a favor if your looking for a high quality skid plate.  Get one from JNS – I love it!”


 “I installed the JNS Fender Brace and the Skid Plate today and both were extremely easy to install, even at 9 deg F. From the fantastic packaging to the Quality of the product to the install was fantastic. Wish other products were this nice!”


“I installed a JNS fender brace on my 2012 last week.  Best bank for the buck IMO !  I’ve only owned the KLR for a short time now but the first time I got it on the highway the front end movement at highway speed from crosswinds was too much.  I searched around and found the JNS engineering fender brace.  Very pleased with the results.  Like other KLR riders, I personally don’t like the low fender look on the KLR so I didn’t want to go that route.  I just did my first long-ish ride yesterday.  190 miles round trip with the majority being highway.  It was much more pleasurable to ride with the brace on.  Nice easy install too.”


“Installed the JNS skid plate, what a beautiful piece of work.  Today I am going to install the sidestand pad and go for a ride…”
Big Dan