DR650 non-DOT LED Headlight Kit
DR650 non-DOT LED Headlight Kit
DR650 non-DOT LED Headlight Kit
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DR650 non-DOT LED Headlight Kit

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This kit includes LED headlight assembly with plug-and-play wiring harness, a specially designed adjustable steel mounting bracket, and all the required installation hardware.

The headlight features two primary sets of LED projectors, a wide low-beam pattern with distinct upper cutoff and a center spotlight high-beam for long range visibility. The low-beam consumes 20W and remains powered when the 15W high-beam is fired. There is also a daytime running light feature which can be powered for additional glow. The LEDs are rated for 50,000 hours and operate at a 6000K color temperature.

No cutting, no drilling, no wiring modifications! Installation takes 5 minutes.

Two colors to choose from, Chrome or Black. Light output and beam pattern is the same for either color.

Recent Customer Review:

“The light this LED unit puts out is amazing! No shadows to speak of. The light is wide and bright and white. The visibility on each side is really good. I followed my wife while she drove and she told me the two vertical LED lights really get her attention because they look so different. Yet the light wasn’t overly bright to blind her. 

I would rate this as a 100% improvement over the OEM headlight. I would also rate it as 50%-60% improvement over the LED light bulb that I had on my stock headlight.  I feel that the visibility over the road was awesome! Then it also makes me more visible at night. I feel more confident riding in the dark with this LED headlight.

On a scale of 1-10, with the OEM light being a 4 and this light being a 8-9. The best motorcycle headlight I’ve ever experienced.”