DR650 Baja Designs Squadron LED Mounting Kit
DR650 Baja Designs Squadron LED Mounting Kit
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DR650 Baja Designs Squadron LED Mounting Kit

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This adjustable mounting kit allows you to replace your dismal OEM halogen headlight assembly with a high performing Baja Designs Flush Mount Squadron LED of your choice. Please note that the LED is not included in the JNS kit and will need to be purchased separately from Baja Designs or one of their authorized dealers.

We recommend the two following BD Squadron configurations and their dimming wiring harness which utilizes your factory low/high beam switch and makes installation truly plug-and-play. The Squadron LEDs are intended for off-road use only and do not meet DOT requirements, the dimmer will make them slightly less offensive to oncoming traffic. Use at your own risk.

Link: Baja Designs Squadron Pro, Flush Mount, LED Driving/Combo
Lumens: 4,900 Utilizing 4 Cree LEDs
Wattage/Amps: 40W / 2.90A
LED Life Expectancy: 49,930 Hours
SKU: 491003

Link: Baja Designs Squadron Sport, Flush Mount, LED Driving/Combo
Lumens: 3,150 Utilizing 4 LEDs
Wattage/Amps: 26W / 2.00A
LED Life Expectancy: 49,930 Hours
SKU: 551003

Link: Squadron, Dual Sport Dimmer 4% or 100%
SKU: 660087